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For over 35 years, Manion Ranch has stood many of the leading cutting sires including the legendary SMART LITTLE LENA who spent his life at the Tommy Manion Ranch until his passing. In his show career he earned $743,000.00, and he is only 1 of 3 horses to ever win the Triple Crown of Cutting, To date his offspring have earned more than $39 million.
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Does your Smooth As A Cat love treats as much as Sonar does? ❤️ #smoothsnuggles

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“I’ve had her a week and a half and absolutely love her”!❤️-Laney Congratulations Laney Baker on your new Smooth As A Cat!!! We are..

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This boy. This has zero filter, all ZeeZees handsome glory. #catchafewzees #smoothasacat #zeedualy Thank you for sharing this with us Travis..

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Reystylin Smooth marks a 219.5 in the West Futurity Derby Open Finals!!! We are so proud of Justin Chalmers & Levi!!! #teamsmooth

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Happy Sunday #teamsmooth

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